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public interface BayeuxServer extends Bayeux

The server-side Bayeux interface.

An instance of the BayeuxServer interface is available by default to web applications via the "org.cometd.bayeux" attribute of the web application context (for Servlet environments, the javax.servlet.ServletContext). The context attribute name can be configured as an option.

The BayeuxServer APIs give access to the ServerSessions via the getSession(String) method. It also allows new LocalSession to be created within the server using the newLocalSession(String) method.

ServerChannel instances may be accessed via the getChannel(String) method, but the server has no direct relationship with ClientSessionChannels or ClientSession.

If subscription semantics is required, then the newLocalSession(String) method should be used to create a LocalSession that can subscribe and publish like a client-side Bayeux session.