Interface BayeuxServer.ChannelListener

All Superinterfaces:
Bayeux.BayeuxListener, BayeuxServer.BayeuxServerListener, ConfigurableServerChannel.Initializer, EventListener
Enclosing interface:

public static interface BayeuxServer.ChannelListener extends BayeuxServer.BayeuxServerListener, ConfigurableServerChannel.Initializer

Specialized listener for ServerChannel events.

The ConfigurableServerChannel.Initializer.configureChannel(ConfigurableServerChannel) method is called atomically during Channel creation so that the channel may be configured before use. It is guaranteed that in case of concurrent channel creation, the ConfigurableServerChannel.Initializer.configureChannel(ConfigurableServerChannel) is invoked exactly once.

The other methods are called asynchronously when a channel is added to or removed from a BayeuxServer, and there is no guarantee that these methods will be called before any other server channel listeners that may be added during channel configuration.