Class OortConfigServlet

All Implemented Interfaces:
jakarta.servlet.Servlet, jakarta.servlet.ServletConfig, Serializable
Direct Known Subclasses:
OortMulticastConfigServlet, OortStaticConfigServlet

public abstract class OortConfigServlet extends jakarta.servlet.http.HttpServlet

This servlet serves as a base class for initializing and configuring an instance of the Oort CometD cluster manager.

The following servlet init parameters are used to configure the Oort instance:

  • oort.url, the absolute public URL to the CometD servlet
  • oort.secret, the pre-shared secret that Oort servers use to authenticate connections from other Oort comets
  • oort.channels, a comma separated list of channels that will be passed to Oort.observeChannel(String)
  • clientDebug, a boolean that enables debugging of the clients connected to other oort cluster managers

Override method newOort(BayeuxServer, String) to return a customized instance of Oort.

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