Package org.cometd.bayeux

package org.cometd.bayeux
  • Class
    The Bayeux interface is the common API for both client-side and server-side configuration and usage of the Bayeux object.
    The common base interface for Bayeux listeners.
    Validates Bayeux protocol elements such as channel ids and message ids.
    Reified representation of binary data chunk contained in a message.
    A Bayeux channel is the primary message routing mechanism within Bayeux: both Bayeux clients and Bayeux server use channels to group listeners that are interested in receiving messages with that channel.
    Reification of a channel id with methods to test properties and compare with other ChannelIds.
    Immutable, non-volatile, non-atomic version of AtomicMarkableReference.
    The Bayeux protocol exchange information by means of messages.
    The mutable version of a Message
    The future result of an operation, either a value if the operation succeeded, or a failure if the operation failed.
    A CompletableFuture that is also a Promise.
    A Bayeux session represents a connection between a bayeux client and a bayeux server.
    A transport abstract the details of the protocol used to send Bayeux messages over the network, for example using HTTP or using WebSocket.